Clear sludge becomes a problem

"We must demand cost-covering consumption charges. If we don’t raise them, we won’t get our budget approved in the next few years", the manager of the market municipality of heiligenstadt, rudiger schmidt, warned the board at the youngest market municipality council meeting.

Schmitt informed that the calculation period for some clear plants expired at the end of 2019. That’s why wolfgang och of the bavarian municipal auditing association has carried out a new calculation of fees.

For the clearing plant kalteneggolsfeld/oberngrub there was a minus of 20 694 euros. "This is justified by the repair of the disc diving drip basket and the increased clear sludge costs", declared schmidt. These costs are passed on to consumers. The cost-covering consumption fee will therefore increase from 2.18 euros to 2.61 euros per cubic meter of wastewater as of january 2020.

The clearing facility in herzogenreuth generated a deficit of 1,064 in the years 2016 to 2019. Nevertheless, the price of wastewater is falling here. The fee drops from 3.78 euros to 3.37 euros per cubic meter. In teuchatz alone, the charge remains at 2.24 euros per cubic meter of wastewater.

The clearing plant in heiligenstadt is down 167,430 euros. "This is due to the connection of the municipal districts of burggrub, oberleinleiter and tiefenpolz. In addition, the new clear plant was built in traindorf. Higher operating expenses for electricity and additional expenditures for clear sludge were cited by the head of the business unit, schmidt, as the reasons for the deficit. Thus the price for the cubic meter of waste water rises from 2.07 to 3.08 euros.

"We are getting more and more problems with the clear mud", said mayor helmut kramer (CSU/unity). The spreading on the fields is no longer possible. However, there is talk of building two reception centers in the district, where the clear sludge is to be converted into energy. The market town councils unanimously approved the new fees and the associated changes to the statutes.

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