Herzogenaurach’s city center is bleeding to death

Flower-decorated windows in the center of herzogenaurach are rewarded. So again this year there are beautiful floral decorations to admire. It was that time again, the jury with the chairman of the local association, klaus-peter gabelein, the forder- und werbegemeinschaft with chairman thomas kotzer, the gartner peter gauch and second mayor renate schroff were able to judge a number of worth seeing objects at the herzogenaurach flower contest.

Klaus-peter gabelein, the chairman of the local association, had already made a preselection and led the jury to the most beautiful flower decoration. The competition was held for the first time in 2008, and the five winners received vouchers worth fifty euros each. However, gartnermeister gauch thought the round was a bit late, as the flowers were suffering from the current temperatures. "We should do the tour next year already in july", said, gauch suggested "because then the freshly planted flower boxes will be in full bloom."

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New bamberger university president: “university ensures quality of life”

For kai fischbach, the otto-friedrich-universitat bamberg is a familiar place. Already in 2012 he accepted the call to the chair for business informatics, especially social networks. After eight years, it will now become the 1. October took over the office of president from godehard ruppert. In an interview, the 47-year-old reveals how the university is to develop further and why the city of bamberg will benefit from it.

What does the university of bamberg mean to you??

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Wolfgang reichert has “had a stroke of luck

Wolfgang reichert has

The staffelsteiner vorderladerschutzen had to push on the "running boar" invited. 26 participants came with their percussion rifles to the old quarry near uetzing.

After helmut schindler and patrick haas had instructed the shooters, they got down to business on the 50-meter range of the club's own facility. Each participant was allowed to fire three shots at the target, which moved from right to left.

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Germans are more generous than ever when it comes to vacations

Despite economic uncertainties, vacation spending reached a record high last year, at around 63 billion euros for trips of five days or more. This was reported by the vacation and travel research association (FUR) at the world’s largest travel trade fair ITB in berlin, which began on wednesday. This corresponded to a plus of four percent. Every bundesburger loves to spend an average of 914 euros on his trip. The balearic islands remain the most popular destination.

The world’s largest branch meeting was opened for the first time the night before by german chancellor angela merkel. She praised the trade show with its 10,000 exhibitors from more than 180 countries. "Around the world in 80 days is passe. You can do it in 80 minutes at the ITB," said merkel. This year’s partner country is indonesia. Around 170,000 guests expected by sunday. Next weekend, the ITB will be open to the general public. Visitors can book trips for the first time.

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U.S. Senate confirms kavanaugh as supreme court justice

u.s. senate confirms kavanaugh as supreme court justice

Despite accusations of sexual assault, controversial jurist brett kavanaugh becomes u.S. Supreme court justice. The senate confirmed president donald trump’s arch-conservative nominee by a slim majority of 50 votes to 48.

Opposition democrats voted against the 53-year-old kavanaugh, whom several women accuse of sexual harassment, except for senator joe manchin. Republican lisa murkowski abstained from the vote. The vote was interrupted several times by demonstrators who protested loudly in the public gallery.

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Hospice association bamberg: the last honor for lonely people

"We have come here today to pay our respects to two people. Since there is no one to take care of their last affairs, they are buried at the expense of the social welfare office. But they were human beings and we want to try to give them a face again today and say a dignified farewell to them."

Some of michael maisch's eulogies begin like this or similar. The 66-year-old from bamberg is one of many volunteers who are committed to the hospice association for a dignified life until the end. In their view, this also included a full burial for people who had left the church and were alone at the end of their days, sometimes without means.

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Community center can come

community center can come

The way is paved for an ecumenical community center and village community center in the knetzgau district of westheim. With four votes against, the council in its most recent meeting approved the decision to rebuild the former inn "black eagle" at the corner badgasse/hauptstrabe approved.

About 30 listeners – mostly from westheim – followed the explanations of arne vogels of the bamberger architekturburo schmitt vogels. The architect, who first discussed the dialogue between the preservation of historical monuments and the client, then presented the cost calculation. With total costs in height of 2,6 million euro euro for the municipality knetzgau an own portion of 320000 euro was left over. According to mayor stefan paulus, the grants of 1.8 million euros have been pledged from various sources, including the catholic and protestant churches. According to the architect, there is no time pressure, as the project is in an early planning phase.

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Stepfather of dead Kalinka remains in custody

It is almost 36 years since kalinka died in mysterious circumstances. The 14-year-old french girl was found dead in the house of her stepfather dieter K. Found in lindau on lake constance.

But the case is still occupying the judiciary in 2018 – even though the stepfather is now in prison in france. With a new court decision, the affair was now allowed to end.

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Drugged ride on bicycle: man handles plastic gun and defecates in garden

A 30-year-old man caused a stir on wednesday evening when he was riding his bicycle on the main cycle path between aschaffenburg and mainaschaff and handling a toy gun. A passer-by immediately called the police – who were able to take the man, who was under the influence of drugs, into custody immediately.

The 30-year-old from aschaffenburg was riding a bicycle on the main cycle path between aschaffenburg and mainaschaff on monday evening. In his hand he held a pistol, which caught the attention of several walkers. According to the facts, he did not threaten anyone with it, but his behavior frightened others. In addition, the man also defecated in a garden.

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Airfield decision is a matter for the region

Such bad luck. One of the top people from munich comes to support the local heroes, and the top candidate has to cancel half an hour beforehand with a crackling voice and fever. But after all, when interior minister joachim herrmann visited the CSU in the black bar on thursday, it was not just about mayoral candidate birgit weber, but about the local elections in general on 16. Marz. The coburg CSU wants to expand its ten-member parliamentary group.

Herrmann was already there before the tur with a poster from the "lebenswertes beiersdorf" citizens’ initiative opposition to the planned new airfield between wiesenfeld and neida. Not that the three representatives helmut and daniel hannweber and martin strauss were nursing rough hopes. "But our opinion we represent. Beiersdorf certainly does not need the airport. It is not for the normal population" helmut hannweber says in a calm tone.

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