With pesic comes confidence: “180-degree turn”

Even in his little joke, heiko schaffartzik mixes in a little reverence for svetislav pesic. With a mischievous grin, the captain of the german basketball team was handed the microphone by the national coach after the 68:57 win against georgia. "Thank you coach. He does everything for us," said schaffartzik in leipzig after the micro-transfer during the press conference on the successful dress rehearsal for the upcoming european championship qualifiers. "He demands a lot, but he also gives a lot."

Above all, the 1993 european champion coach has breathed new confidence into a severely out-of-sorts team with a new playing philosophy right at the start of his second term in office. Schaffartzik describes the difference to pesic’s performance as a "180-degree turnaround.

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An enchanting performance

It was jordan who stood behind the turla with the number 15 and was received with much applause. For more than 15 years, jordan has been enchanting his audiences, not only in herzogenaurach, but all over europe. Despite his illusions, jordan has kept his love for the little tricks.

Sarah replaces the cat of prey
Jordan is one of the few illusionists who use felines in their shows, but not in herzogenaurach. In herzogenaurach he had his charming partner sarah with him, who disappeared in boxes or baskets and was then pierced by burning sticks or swords. Sarah survived all these performances without any scratches or other injuries.
Jordan presented his audience an enchanting journey through the world of magic, also in herzogenaurach at the living advent calendar. During his fascinating and dangerous illusions, the spectators in the marketplace often held their breath to thank the artist with applause for his performance.

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Thomas fink makes music with friends for a good cause

Thomas fink makes music with friends for a good cause

Already to the 16. For the first time, the rotary club organized a concert to benefit the herzogenauracher tafel food bank. President jean karalis buried the jazz pianist thomas fink, who was born in niederndorf, and his musicians in the evangelic church.
"With such a combination it is fun to play along", thomas fink only meant. For support he had brought rainer glas, bass, and christoph huber on drums on board. The interplay worked like clockwork, much to the delight of the audience. For the rest of the program, fink also brought torsten goods on guitar to herzogenaurach.
Torsten goods, actually torsten gutknecht, is the son of an irish mother and a german father. He began his musical career in erlangen. He came to jazz at the age of 17, and in 2000 he became a member of the federal jazz orchestra led by peter herbolzheimer. A scholarship enabled him to study jazz guitar at the new school university new york city from 2001 to 2003. With his singing and his guitar he inspired the audience, especially when he played "route 66" intoned.
The fact that the musicians had little time to practice together was not noticeable in the program. Drummer christoph huber arrived just before the concert started, only minutes were left for voting. But the musicians are simply so good that they harmonized perfectly nevertheless, what you can hear with pieces like "spotlight" noticed.
Torsten gutknecht was happy to come to play music with thomas fink in herzogenaurach. After all, it’s almost his home, because he lived in buchenbach for a number of years. "You stay here, don’t move to berlin", goods jokes with fink. Goods had the "work song" among others nat adderley included him in the program, which also featured him as a vocal soloist. Of course, the whole thing was agreed only a short time before, how could it be otherwise?.
In the second half of the program, president jean karalis also played flugelhorn and trumpet. Pieces like "misty or "girl from ipanema filled the space. Even in the second half, you could tell that the players were enjoying playing music. Therefore, the musicians could only finish the concert after an encore.
The audience liked it in any case, as the applause showed. Everyone is already looking forward to the next opportunity to listen to thomas fink and his teammates.

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Stress during commuting triggers psychological problems in schoolchildren

Commuting is often associated with stress. A recent study by the frankfurt university of applied sciences shows that this even has a negative impact on schoolchildren. It surveys around 10,000 schools in 14 federal states every year. In the 2016/17 school year, the focus was on getting to school: according to the study, young people need an average of 27 minutes to get to school. For the majority (30 percent), it takes between 10 and 20 minutes, but around 15 percent need 45 minutes or more. 14 percent need less than 10 minutes to get there.

Young people who have to travel a long way to school are more likely to complain of psychological problems, explains the study’s director prof. Andreas klocke. So just under 30 percent of schools with a long way to school have concentration problems on more than one day a week. For children with a short way to school (less than ten minutes), it is 23 percent.

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New doctor for burkardroth has been found

There was an important announcement right at the beginning of the market town council meeting: burkardroth has a new doctor. Dr. Katalin panczel introduced herself. Mayor waldemar bug (odp) was visibly relieved about the fact that medical care in the market town will soon be secured again. "Ms dr. Panczel contacted us in response to an advertisement in the doctor's newspaper", he declared. She found out about burkardroth and the surrounding area on the website and was immediately impressed.

Then she had sent a letter to the municipality. "It is very unusual that people in the ausmab take their fate into their own hands", she made clear. They had tried everything to influence their situation positively. "I can very well imagine that in such a community, where the cohesion is so pronounced, where the common will could rub walls, living and working is a dream.", wrote katalin panczel. She wanted to use the opportunity to realize her own dreams in this setting.

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“Bayern mobil”: police in hochstadt explain the dangers of riding a motorcycle

The weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer: it's finally time for motorcyclists to get their bikes out of the garage and go for their first ride. Such a ride does not always end well: in central franconia, one in four accident fatalities is a motorcyclist, reports chief inspector christiane lederer. Such mishaps should be prevented. The bavaria-wide campaign "bayern mobil – safely to your destination is the framework. The campaign is supported by the savings bank.

The most frequent cause of accidents is inappropriate speed. It's not always the young motorcyclists who cause accidents: "the proportion of beginners, returning riders and professionals is balanced", says lederer

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Many seniors had a special experience on the holy hill

When hausen’s seniors’ representative gerda wagner calls, many seniors show up, because the program offered is varied and interesting. In october, for example, the seniors’ representative organized an excursion to the holy mountain in heroldsbach, and 75 seniors from hausen and wimmelbach took part in it. "Many were curious about the apparition story of the seer children and the holy mother of god", paid gerda wagner.

The seniors were buried by father ludwig muller, the director of the heroldsbach prayer shrine. In the church he gave an overview of the history and the events of that time. In october 1949, four girls said that the mother of god had appeared to them. This is the place where the prayer shrine was built.

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Industrial park Himmelkron: now the citizens must decide

Industrial park himmelkron: now the citizens must decide

Will himmelkron get a new business park – or will the plans be halted?? This question has been the subject of discussion in the community for months now. Now it is to be decided in a referendum by the citizens. The countdown is on. In little more than two weeks – on the 26th of march. May, the day of the european elections – skycroneans are called to vote.

It’s not without its flaws – and we’re not talking about a formal glitch in the brieahl paperwork that caused a stir in the run-up to the election (see below). In fact, there are a number of things to keep in mind during the vote so as not to give away any votes. What is at stake? The municipality of himmelkron plans to designate a new commercial area north of bundesstrabe 303, which is to be developed and marketed by an investor. Resistance is mounting against this plan. A citizens’ initiative "no to the new industrial zone" has been formed and the citizens’ petition "for the preservation of the himmelkron natural landscape" has been submitted on the way. The municipal council responded with a council motion "successfully shaping the future" reacts. The people of himmelkroner are supposed to vote on both on the 26th. May vote. How to vote? The citizens will receive a ballot with a total of three questions. Two of them can be answered with "yes or "no to be answered. The third question is a trick question with two different possible answers. What exactly is asked in referendum 1 (council petition "successfully shaping the future")?? "Are you in favor of the municipality of himmelkron realizing the planned commercial area "north of the B 303"? – under the mabgabe that at least 60% of the uberbaubaren surfaces exclusively for the use by handicraft, trade, service enterprises and producing trade are available – further promotes?" what exactly is asked in the referendum 2 (citizens’ petition "for the preservation of the himmelkroner cultural landscape")??

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Hausen: fools out of control

The third new edition of the carnival processions in hausen held a record: 25 groups took part in the procession, which thus reached a considerable length. Besides a lot of fun and good humor, there were unfortunately also some unpleasant scenes.

16 wagons and nine fubgroups had registered and provided for a varied procession. It was led by the prince and princess bianca I. And marco I.. The topics were varied: besides greta and environmental protection, space travel and the desolate state of the german armed forces were topics, for example. But local issues also came to the fore: for example, the people of waldfenster were concerned about their "dome (we were able to make a few changes). The hausler sport-und skiclub (sus) thematized in a humorous way the pub death and had with the "mobile sus-bar" a new theme for the carnival procession in hausen an alternative ready. From kleinbrach had the "hair force one" the motto "love is in the hair brought".

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