Arcade robber in court starting monday

Only hours after he had robbed a gambling house in neustadt, the handcuffs clicked on a 28-year-old man from neustadt at the end of may 2020. As of next monday, the man will have to answer for his actions before the coburg regional court.

The accused is said to have robbed the gambling house in the night of 29 september. May this year around 1.40 o'clock with masked face and a knife in the hand have entered to rob the takings. In order to be able to swear more quickly afterwards, he is said to have clamped an iron grate between the entrance door and the door frame. At that time there was only one employee in the arcade, whom the robber is said to have threatened with a knife and grabbed by the neck.

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“We for erlangen” is taking on

In addition to the existing city council factions, another local political group has formed under the name "we for erlangen" formed. The founding board members are volker leiste, maximilian kunkel and christoph stollberg from erlangen.

"We want to get involved in local politics as a non-partisan association, because we do not see certain issues being adequately represented by the classic parties in the local election campaign, or because we are subject to the requirements of overriding party programs", according to leiste, who was elected as the first chairman at the foundation meeting. "We for erlangen sees itself as a modern economic liberal-bourgeois alternative to the entrenched party platforms of the established parties.

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For jurgen kohmann, tree removals continue

"With a positive mood, you can simply achieve much more", says jurgen kohmann (CSU). "We have succeeded in coming to an agreement in the city council that transcends party boundaries. The atmosphere is right", says the mayor, who found different circumstances when he was first elected as a city councilor 17 years ago. "If I have been able to contribute a little to this, then I am pleased."

When in one year, on 16. March 2014, is elected, kohmann remains in office in any case. He was first confirmed as mayor in 2012, and his term will last until 2018. But the 24 city council seats are filled by electoral votes.

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Volkach bypass in the waiting loop?

A pleasant surprise could the volkach city council on monday (18. September) the supporters of the volkach-gaibach bypass prepare: the committee discusses the administration’s proposal to forego the assumption of the special construction burden (the city is the builder, the free state demands a rough draft) for the time being.

According to the draft resolution, the abandonment of the special construction load decided at the end of 2012 is connected with the state road expansion plan of the free state, which will be revised in 2020/21. This will show which projects the state will finance itself (urgency 1).

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Positive annual balance sheet of the brk water rescue service

Actually, 2012 was not a bad year for the bamberg water rescue service, if it hadn’t been for the tiresome issue of the costs for swimming training in the bambados. "We did not have to pay anything for our legally required training hours in the old indoor swimming pool. Now in the bambados we have to hand over around 4,000 euros a year to the municipal utility company", criticized marcus petermann, chairman of the bamberg local group.

Training takes place every wednesday – and the water rescue service has to pay 95 euros for it. This means that the water rescue service is classified in the same way as a swimming club. "But we are a rescue service, and we don’t swim for fun or for medals or trophies that end up in the clubhouse," he said, petermann railed at the members’ meeting. A recently concluded service agreement with the municipal utility company has eased the situation somewhat. According to this, the water rescue service commits itself to 150 hours a year of supervision of the pools. At the same time, around half of the annual fee is waived for them.

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