Arcade robber in court starting monday

Only hours after he had robbed a gambling house in neustadt, the handcuffs clicked on a 28-year-old man from neustadt at the end of may 2020. As of next monday, the man will have to answer for his actions before the coburg regional court.

The accused is said to have robbed the gambling house in the night of 29 september. May this year around 1.40 o'clock with masked face and a knife in the hand have entered to rob the takings. In order to be able to swear more quickly afterwards, he is said to have clamped an iron grate between the entrance door and the door frame. At that time there was only one employee in the arcade, whom the robber is said to have threatened with a knife and grabbed by the neck.

In the cash box of the gambling house, there were only 30 euros in 20- and 10-cent pieces, just one and a half hours before the closing. The robber did not want to take the coins. There were no banknotes in the cash box. Finally, the man asked the employee to open a change machine next to the counter, in which he suspected there were large sums of paper money. The employee stated that she could not open the vending machine, at the same time she managed to trigger a silent alarm. Because he couldn't find any cash in a folding compartment at the counter, the robber finally left without any loot. According to the investigations of the public prosecutor's office, the whole robbery did not last longer than half a minute.

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