Volkach bypass in the waiting loop?

A pleasant surprise could the volkach city council on monday (18. September) the supporters of the volkach-gaibach bypass prepare: the committee discusses the administration’s proposal to forego the assumption of the special construction burden (the city is the builder, the free state demands a rough draft) for the time being.

According to the draft resolution, the abandonment of the special construction load decided at the end of 2012 is connected with the state road expansion plan of the free state, which will be revised in 2020/21. This will show which projects the state will finance itself (urgency 1).

If the city council decides on the special building permit before that time, an upgrade of the project is off the table, says mayor peter kornell. He wants to preserve the chance that the free state pays for the – according to old estimates – 16.5 million euro bypass. In view of the latest traffic forecasts, he was optimistic that the project would fare better in the re-evaluation than in 2011. At that time, the bypass was given priority 2 and had no chance of passing before 2025.

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