The spd in the municipality of stockheim is lining up for the election

The SPD local associations of burggrub and neukenroth-stockheim elected their candidates for the municipal elections on the 15th of saturday in the inn horing. March. The two people responsible, reiner ebert (burggrub) and jorg roth, were very pleased to be able to present their own SPD list again, after long preparations and many discussions. "It was a hard piece of work, reported reiner ebert, who mainly together with honorary member hans parnickel made several home visits to possible candidates. In the end they were successful and can now present seven candidates and one substitute candidate.

Under the direction of SPD district manager thilo moosmann, the secret ballot was conducted smoothly and efficiently. After the candidates had introduced themselves, the members voted on the proposed placements and then on the list. The nomination was unanimous in each case.

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Wolfgang reichert has “had a stroke of luck

Wolfgang reichert has

The staffelsteiner vorderladerschutzen had to push on the "running boar" invited. 26 participants came with their percussion rifles to the old quarry near uetzing.

After helmut schindler and patrick haas had instructed the shooters, they got down to business on the 50-meter range of the club's own facility. Each participant was allowed to fire three shots at the target, which moved from right to left.

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“Udo” – lindenberg biography presented

The corner pub "freundschaft" in berlin-mitte. A good hundred people gather at the oval wooden counter in dim light and wait for the star of the evening to arrive.

Panic rocker udo lindenberg (72) has invited the audience to a reading on thursday – his biography "udo" has just been published. The program will include a short reading and a musical interlude. But lindenberg, as always with dark brown hat, black sunglasses and cigar in hand, first orders a non-alcoholic beer and has a chat with one or the other guest. At least the start of a "golden rocktober" is celebrated, as he explains on the sidelines, "with plenty of udopium for the sympathizers".

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Legend with charm and killer instinct: Jean-Marie pfaff in Hirschfeld

When a penalty is awarded in a football match, the goalkeeper is in most cases only the second winner. Not so with jean-marie pfaff. The goalkeeper thwarted far more than half of the penalties imposed on him. He revealed the secret of his success to around 20 youth coaches and junior goalkeepers. And this about 650 kilometers away from brasschaat near antwerp, the current home of the former belgian national goalkeeper: in the upper frankenwald on the sports field of the FC hirschfeld.

Here, a goalkeeper training course had just taken place, initiated by the rennsteig junior team, in which goalkeeper trainer marcel renner from the coburg junior training center and ralf brockner, the DFB training center trainer in poppenreuth, provided practical training aids.

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