Wolfgang reichert has “had a stroke of luck

Wolfgang reichert has

The staffelsteiner vorderladerschutzen had to push on the "running boar" invited. 26 participants came with their percussion rifles to the old quarry near uetzing.

After helmut schindler and patrick haas had instructed the shooters, they got down to business on the 50-meter range of the club's own facility. Each participant was allowed to fire three shots at the target, which moved from right to left.

As every year, the shooters had to realize that this was not an everyday competition, because otherwise they only shoot at fixed targets. In addition, there was the time pressure, since the target could only be seen for about five seconds, and the correct "holding up" of the rifle to achieve a hit in the area of the rings.

Who was the best sow hunter remained a secret until the award ceremony, where each participant received a prize. Then guardian martin thomas announced the winner: wolfgang reichert had scored 16 rings.

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