The spd in the municipality of stockheim is lining up for the election

The SPD local associations of burggrub and neukenroth-stockheim elected their candidates for the municipal elections on the 15th of saturday in the inn horing. March. The two people responsible, reiner ebert (burggrub) and jorg roth, were very pleased to be able to present their own SPD list again, after long preparations and many discussions. "It was a hard piece of work, reported reiner ebert, who mainly together with honorary member hans parnickel made several home visits to possible candidates. In the end they were successful and can now present seven candidates and one substitute candidate.

Under the direction of SPD district manager thilo moosmann, the secret ballot was conducted smoothly and efficiently. After the candidates had introduced themselves, the members voted on the proposed placements and then on the list. The nomination was unanimous in each case.

Election program

The most senior councillor reiner ebert has no doubts about how happy he is about the vote and that the SPD can present its own list in the municipality of stockheim: "it’s a load off my mind"." 66-year-old ebert from burggrub has been a member of the council for 30 years and has already been elected to the council in five elections. He is on place 5 in the list. Immediately before him, third mayor jorg roth runs for office. The 52-year-old from the reitsch district is the spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group in the municipal council. He described the cooperation in the council as good across party lines and had prepared an election program, which he presented to the assembly. Above all, the creation of affordable housing and the designation of building areas were discussed and felt to be necessary. However, this election program is by no means binding, but it will be discussed and revised with the team of candidates in the next few days, said jorg roth. The aim should be to further develop the attractive residential community of stockheim as a livable and lovable community. With 58-year-old angelika ebert from burggrub and 44-year-old justice employee ivonne beranek from neukenroth, two non-members could also be won as candidates.

In order to fill out a complete list of 20 candidates, it is permissible to list individual candidates up to three times. The assembly decided that the first six candidates would be listed three times each and the seventh place twice. The list is headed by the 50-year-old customs officer timo fleischmann from burggrub.

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