An enchanting performance

It was jordan who stood behind the turla with the number 15 and was received with much applause. For more than 15 years, jordan has been enchanting his audiences, not only in herzogenaurach, but all over europe. Despite his illusions, jordan has kept his love for the little tricks.

Sarah replaces the cat of prey
Jordan is one of the few illusionists who use felines in their shows, but not in herzogenaurach. In herzogenaurach he had his charming partner sarah with him, who disappeared in boxes or baskets and was then pierced by burning sticks or swords. Sarah survived all these performances without any scratches or other injuries.
Jordan presented his audience an enchanting journey through the world of magic, also in herzogenaurach at the living advent calendar. During his fascinating and dangerous illusions, the spectators in the marketplace often held their breath to thank the artist with applause for his performance.

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