Revolts in Neustadt and Coburg

Revolts in neustadt and coburg

"Revolt in neustadt, uprising in coburg, resignation of the government …", this or similar could have been the headlines 100 years ago. An unfortunate war that had led half of europe to the abyss had ended. A sigh of relief can be felt up and down the country. And yet – nothing is as it was. Abdication of the monarchy; emergency decrees; revolts, overthrows and counter-revolts; hunger and supply shortages dominate the population. A turbulent time is dawning. This bitter anniversary for germany was chosen by the collectors and stamp friends of neustadt as the central theme of their exhibition on the occasion of this year's border country exchange days.
"100 years of the end of the 1. World war" this is also the title of the exhibition guide published for the exhibition. Here are some of the interesting contributions: "the popular consultation 1919"; "the november events in neustadt 1919", "wildenheid and the consequences of the first world war", "the participation dr. Schacks for coburg's future" and so on. The brochure is available during the grenzlandtauschage.

A wide range of pieces

in addition to the collections dealing specifically with the war, the end of the war and its aftermath, the exhibition includes other exciting collections and true collector's treasures. Here is also a small cross-section of the 27 exhibits on display: services to the red cross; military helmets; pickelhauben; war memorabilia; star club records; street views of neustadt; the towns in the district from A-Z; the last coburg government; the emergency money of neustadt; the germania uberlebt the first world war.
Since it would be difficult to list and describe all the interesting collections, the collectors and stamp enthusiasts ask you to come and see for yourself. One more thing: the cultural office has again made two chronicles of the city available for consultation, covering the early years from 1948 to 1951.
The borderland exchange days always offer an already wide range of good to very good collectible pieces, presented by numerous dealers from the french and sudthuringian area. But also private sellers are on site to offer parts of their duplicates or whole collections to the collecting visitors.
In addition to stamps, postcards, coins, banknotes, records, collector's pictures, albums and other items from the world of collecting can be found. Opportunity to visit the exhibition and the exchange free of charge, will be on saturday, 10. March, from 9 to 17 h, and on sunday, 11. March, from 8 a.M. To 4 p.M.
Venue is the multipurpose hall of the school at the heubischer strabe, parking lots are plentifully available. The official opening of the 29. Borderland exchange days by the patron of the event, oberburgermeister frank rebhan, on saturday, at 11 a.M.

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