Coburg hospital: fathers allowed back into the operating room

coburg hospital: fathers allowed back into the operating room

Expectant fathers can continue to accompany their partners in the regiomed clinics during childbirth

Accompany. This is possible if the father is symptom-free and has had no contact with an infected person in the last 14 days

With an infected person. In addition, the man must be informed before he enters the operating room,

Extensive hygiene checks are carried out and a full protective suit is worn in order to

The risk of infection for other parents and babies and for the employees too


According to the company, regiomed has struggled in the last few days to find a solution that will allow the expectant parents to experience the arrival of their newborn together and at the same time ensure that obstetric care can be maintained as the pandemic progresses. "Especially in midwifery, we are already struggling in normal times with an extreme shortage of skilled workers" explains regimod chief executive officer alexander schmidtke. If a few employees in the cloakroom were absent due to a corona infection or were placed under quarantine by the health authorities, this could in the worst case lead to the cloakroom being closed down. "Of course, we were very aware of what an

Grave limitation it is when a father cannot witness the birth", says schmidtke.

But you can’t take the risk that a pregnant woman who comes to give birth will be left in the hospital after the birth

The midwives had to be sent home because a large proportion of them were under quarantine. "We are

Aware that the public discussion of the last few days for all women who have their delivery with us

Planning, was extremely unsettling. We would like to apologize for this", emphasizes

Schmidtke. In close consultation with the head obstetricians and the shareholders

A solution was sought. He especially thanks the member of the state parliament martin mittag,

To the coburg district administrator sebastian straubel and mayor norbert tessmer, that they

Had personally contributed. "Now we have found a regulation, which for the ministries,

The physicians, the hygiene experts and all of us as compassionate human beings can carry."

In response to a request from regiomed, the bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) has clarified the visitor regulation. So that expectant fathers can be present at the birth of their children in the crib hall. Before that, he has to perform extensive hygiene checks. Coat, jacket and cell phone must be taken off beforehand. The own shoes are taken off and then the hand is disinfected for 30 seconds. Then a protective suit is put on and a protective mask with a breathing valve is put on. One pair of safety goggles, two pairs of gloves

And special surgical footwear completes the protective outfit. "On compliance with these regulations

Unfortunately, we had to pay strict attention to the fact that during the pandemic, the birth attendance was only

This is justifiable from a hygienic point of view", emphasizes the head of the regiomed hygiene institute,

Prof. Klaus-dieter zastrow. "If the father leaves the delivery room, the entire procedure must be

Return to be repeated."

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