Always there for the people of bamberg for 33 years

Hochstadt – after 43 years of service, police chief inspector thomas staudigel ends his active service and goes into retirement. For 33 years he was a patrolman with the hochstadt police department. Before his transfer to the aischgrund, the then young constable had gained professional experience in munich, berlin, nurnberg and erlangen, according to a press report from the hochstadt police department.
In his speech, police chief jurgen schmeiber said it was a remarkable and highly commendable achievement to be there for the burger around the clock for such a long period of time and right up to the last working day.

Ideal image of a "protector"

he also praised staudigel's exemplary appearance and manners. "These correspond both to my requirement profile and in the perception and expectation attitude of the burgerschaft to the ideal picture of a protector."
The newly retired officer also received a great deal of recognition from the head of his service group, reinhold gehringer. The latter particularly emphasized his constant commitment as a colleague, his consistent reliability and his unusual willingness to provide support.
Looking at the dangers of the police profession, thomas staudigel was pleased that he never came to any serious harm in the many tricky and dangerous operational situations he had to endure.

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