Community center can come

community center can come

The way is paved for an ecumenical community center and village community center in the knetzgau district of westheim. With four votes against, the council in its most recent meeting approved the decision to rebuild the former inn "black eagle" at the corner badgasse/hauptstrabe approved.

About 30 listeners – mostly from westheim – followed the explanations of arne vogels of the bamberger architekturburo schmitt vogels. The architect, who first discussed the dialogue between the preservation of historical monuments and the client, then presented the cost calculation. With total costs in height of 2,6 million euro euro for the municipality knetzgau an own portion of 320000 euro was left over. According to mayor stefan paulus, the grants of 1.8 million euros have been pledged from various sources, including the catholic and protestant churches. According to the architect, there is no time pressure, as the project is in an early planning phase.

The association takes over the operating costs

the special thing about the "black eagle" project, an empty inn in the center of westheim, is the participation of the clubs, the two churches and the burghers. A special association was formed, whose more than 100 members agreed to cover 75 percent of the operating costs for a period of 30 years, as peter werner (grune) explained.

So even the harshest critics in the municipal council had to admit that the financing is well positioned, and spoke out in favor of the project. "We should not let ourselves be deprived of this unique opportunity", like many of his council colleagues, second mayor bernhard jilke (FDP/FB) put it in a nutshell. The black eagle project, which mayor stefan paulus described as an image gain for the community, is unique for all of lower franconia, because even the government has pledged its support.

Critical voices, which remained within bounds, voiced concerns about a possible cost explosion, among other things, as raised by udo schmalz (SPD). Concerns were also expressed by fred schmalz, susanne haase-leykam and konrad pfister (all CWG).

Long way to the detour

during the meeting mayor stefan paulus addressed the general traffic situation in the municipal area of knetzgau. Here one is dependent on the support of the citizens, since one is powerless as a municipality with superordinate strains. Paulus appeals to the burgers to appeal to higher authorities. Traffic enforcement in community area has already made a significant difference. Traffic congestion is increasing due to the infrastructure, especially on the route from donnersdorf to knetzgau, which affects oberschwappach and westheim in addition to the main municipality itself. The second heavily trafficked axis is the one coming from habfurt in the direction of steigerwald.

At the suggestion of barbara hein (CSU), the mayor set an ambitious goal to bypass the traffic for the village. This is a lengthy process, paulus said, that could take 20 years to complete. A detour was considered, starting near the clear plant in knetzgau coming from habfurt, which then drove the traffic in the direction of steigerwald.

Building yard is relocated

with three votes against the committee spoke during the meeting for a relocation of the yard. After several locations have been examined in consultation with the yard employees, the yard will be relocated to the property in the mainleite in the direction of zell in front of the property of the maincor company. So far, the building yard, divided in several places, is located around the town hall, in the old edeka market and near the klaranlage.

For a planned skater park in the municipal area of knetzgau, the municipality has pushed for a site near hans kotzner strabe in the industrial area of knetzgau. For this purpose, a draft will be presented in one of the next meetings, as paulus informed.

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