Hausen: fools out of control

The third new edition of the carnival processions in hausen held a record: 25 groups took part in the procession, which thus reached a considerable length. Besides a lot of fun and good humor, there were unfortunately also some unpleasant scenes.

16 wagons and nine fubgroups had registered and provided for a varied procession. It was led by the prince and princess bianca I. And marco I.. The topics were varied: besides greta and environmental protection, space travel and the desolate state of the german armed forces were topics, for example. But local issues also came to the fore: for example, the people of waldfenster were concerned about their "dome (we were able to make a few changes). The hausler sport-und skiclub (sus) thematized in a humorous way the pub death and had with the "mobile sus-bar" a new theme for the carnival procession in hausen an alternative ready. From kleinbrach had the "hair force one" the motto "love is in the hair brought".

Many spectators

The kindergarten and the altar boys were also present as fubgroups. The longest journey was probably made by a group from zimmerau (lkr. Rhon-grabfeld have had).

The voluntary fire departments of hausen and kleinbrach ensured the safety of the train. The unexpected number of participants and spectators was a challenge for the organizers; for example, during the after-move party on the outskirts of the town, the road connecting the town to nudlingen had to be closed for much longer than originally planned, as the festival grounds could not hold the crowds.

Unfortunately, there were also a few unpleasant scenes: excessive alcohol consumption meant that the rescue service and police also had to be called into action.

Police report on carnival procession in hausen: too much alcohol was probably the reason for several fights following the carnival procession in hausen. A policeman was slightly injured.

On saturday afternoon, the carnival parade took place in the bad kissing district of hausen. Due to the fine weather and mild temperatures, up to 1500 visitors attended the parade

Participations. While the carnival parade went without problems, it came to several clashes at the closing ceremony in the nudlinger strabe. After many participants of the event had visibly consumed alcohol, in the course of the afternoon and the early evening there were individual arguments, which called the police on the plan several times. After a suspected offender refused to comply with a police summons, he was to be taken into custody. His 21-year-old friend tried to help him and prevent the police from taking him away, which led to a scuffle between the two people involved and the police officers.

Both were eventually taken to the police station, where they could be released again after completion of the investigation.

An officer was slightly injured, but could continue his service. Criminal proceedings were initiated against the two manner and two other persons.

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