District administrator bold visits geroda and place

The future had dressed in grun and was waiting for district administrator thomas bold (CSU). On its back was written "kindergarten abenteuerland geroda". The little ones had worked hard and sang a little song to the group of visitors. By heart. And even with movements to it. Mayor manfred emmert (freie wahler) is right: the community is shrinking. And that's why they, the children, are the most important ones of all.

Still a long way to go
The mayor and some of his councilors spent a good two hours presenting their community to the county councilor – and he hasn't seen everything yet. But still a lot. At least enough to be enthusiastic. "Looks great!", it escapes him at the sight of an old half-timbered house in kissinger strabe. We continue along the river thulba to the burgerhaus.

The building was renovated with a lot of commitment from the associations, says emmert. The old factory, where skirts used to be made, now houses one of three burgersales for village life. And that with around 900 inhabitants. "If the clubs feel accepted, a lot comes back", comments bold. And indeed, the burger's own work can be seen everywhere. A few steps further on, emmert announces: "and here we come to the latest project!"

Not yet plastered, but already with a roof, there it stands, the new extension to the kindergarten, which will provide space for six to eight toddlers starting in the fall. The mayor proudly leads his guest onto the playing field. There the two are already expected. With their fine voices the children perform a song. Then they eagerly answer the questions put to them by the visitor. There aren't many of them, of course, because after all, there's still further to go: to the fire station with its tidied-up building yard and to the clearing plant.

Young people get involved
The community center in platz shines in the sunshine. Gerald heinle is dazzled, but of course the commander and chairman of the platz fire department doesn't miss the opportunity to show the visitors the portable fire engine (tsf), built in 1978. "A new vehicle has already been ordered", says mayor emmert. It will be a TSF again, but a VW crafter and not a ford transit like the old one.

"We can't get any more spare parts for the old vehicle", tells heinle. He is particularly pleased about the many young people who are involved in the fire brigade. "Christine gran does excellent work with young people, he acknowledges the commitment of his deputy. Of the 53 members, 35 are active and eleven are young people. "We are very proud of it", says heinle. The use of the fire brigade could be counted on one hand. The last time the fire brigade jolted out on the weekend, when the heavy rain had flooded a few cellars.

After a ceremony in the town hall, the district administrator returned to bad kissingen. He has now completed his tour of all 26 communities in the district. For his current term of office, he had resolved to get to know every community "because you see more there than at official events," says mayor emmert. In fact, bold also discovered something new in geroda, namely the archaeological collection in the town hall and the jewish cemetery.

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