Kafkaesque escapades

There comes through in the father the journalist who remembers the proverb of an english publisher. He is supposed to have said to his editors: "before you use an adjective, come to me on the fifth floor and ask if it is necessary."

In german, there is a compulsive notion that every noun must be preceded by a characteristic. This is how the "homely colors" came about in advertising circles. Such schindluder can be driven unfortunately also with the increase. "Bavaria’s most music" is played there on the radio. At least it is better than the "most played music" to speak. Why not "the most musical music"?? Anyway, this "os": I read about voluminous hairstyles, bituminous underpinnings, scandalous states in incestuous diozesen. Everywhere roses. If something is -os, it can also be -esk? Is kafkaesk and kafkaos the same?? If yes, then I spare no oskapade and grunde burschikesk the black foesk.

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