Quickly to the scene with an e-bike

Quickly to the scene with an e-bike

More and more people in germany are opting for the e-bike. 1.5 million people in germany are already riding e-bikes. Now the bavarian red cross has also discovered this motor-driven, environmentally friendly means of transportation. The company gaul& klamt has delivered the first nine of a total of 18 e-bikes to the e-bike officers of the BRK emergency services in lower franconia.

District head of preparedness bernd robmanith (ostheim/rhon), said that the helpers of the bavarian red cross in the various preparedness units in lower franconia are being called upon more and more, especially for sanitation services at large-scale events or also, for example, at the various city runs or cycling events in the respective districts.

Until now, the helpers were usually on the road at fub, with a heavy rucksack on their backs, or an emergency vehicle was on the scene. It was clear that it was not always possible to be at the scene of an emergency so quickly. Now, however, the BRK in the lower franconia district association has become even more mobile.

The head of the district rescue team was pleased that almost all the rescue teams had their "e-bike officer" at the handover and thanked the company "gaul&" for their help klamt ebike-pro" and here especially jurgen gaul, who explained the function and maintenance of the new e-bikes with his employees sergej hessler and gert wagenbrenner. Jurgen gaul then gave the necessary technical instructions on the new BRK subset. The most important thing in all this is the helmet. It quickly became clear that the orange helmet presented by the company was firstly a piece of safety due to its color, but also matched the clothing of the BRK’ers.

At the push of a button

The two saddlebags on the rear wheel can be removed individually and equipped accordingly with the necessary sanitary utensils. Some of the new e-bikes can of course be operated by pressing a button. This includes, for example, the high adjustment of the saddle or the small computer in the left handlebar area, from which, among other things, the light on the bike is switched on and off. The new e-bike representatives from the respective teams of the district association learned more about charging the battery and that one battery charge is enough to get from bad neustadt to the kreuzberg. Interesting for the red cross members when they learned that the motor power of the e-bike also adapts to the respective country. In addition, there is even a push aid when the bike is loaded. The electric assistance of the pedalec works up to a speed of 25 km/h. From aschaffenburg, bad kissingen, habberge, kitzingen, main-spessart, miltenberg-obernburg, rhon-grabfeld, schweinfurt and wurzburg, the e-bike representatives had come to take their new e-bike home with them. Of course there were first test runs and a number of questions.

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