Ku11: wider roadway and a new bike path

Ku11: wider roadway and a new bike path

Pleasant for the district of kulmbach: the state of bavaria grants a claim of almost 80 percent. If district administrator klaus peter sollner (freie wahler) has his way, the work should be completed by the end of october.

Actually, at the railroad crossing "post 70" was a tree removal had been planned, which had cost almost two million euros and had also affected the lindau moor. "For us this was out of the question. This would not have been justifiable from a conservation point of view, not even from a cost point of view", sollner stressed at a local meeting.

The prerequisite for the acceptance tests was the reconstruction of the railroad crossing at the junction of the KU 11 county road with the 2383 state road, which had been maintained by a keeper for decades. DB netz AG had installed a train-controlled system with half-barriers. This meant that the former "posten 70 eliminated – and with it three jobs.

The expansion of the current section of around 500 meters is estimated at 640,000 euros. The roadway of the kreisstrabe is widened from the previous five to six meters. In addition, the cycle path is completely rebuilt over a length of 183 meters with a width of 2.50 meters and thus a gap is created, which contributes decisively to the traffic safety of cyclists.

Regarding the grant of 79.6 percent, the head of the civil engineering department at the district office, building councilor dieter geibler, stated: "we have actually never had such a high demand before."

County pays 230.000 euro
At a total cost of 640,000 euros and a fixed demand of 410.000 euros by the free state, the district of kulmbach has own funds of 230.000 euro.

Mayor dieter schaar (freie wahler) spoke of a "good event" also for the municipality of neudrossenfeld: "it must be mentioned with gratitude that the district has done a great deal in the past few years. The network of roads in our area is almost completely rehabilitated."

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