New footpath is also seen critically

New footpath is also seen critically

The free voters of herzogenaurach with city councilors christian schaufler and manfred welker gathered information in dondorflein about the situation of local residents. They are currently restricted in their freedom of movement due to the removal of trees, the laying of water pipes and the subsequent rebuilding of the road.
The passage is not possible. The inn schuh can also only be approached with restrictions. The residents naturally hope that the construction site can be completed as soon as possible, says a press release of the free voters.

A tight spot in the village

even the construction of a footpath is not seen positively by everyone. This created a bottleneck in dondorflein, two vehicles could not pass each other in passing traffic.
The residents would have appreciated more timely information from the municipality, which may help to find more workable solutions to some problems, and not just when the excavators are already rolling in.
According to their own statements, the two city council representatives were able to take away many ideas for their work in the city council.

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