“Bayern mobil”: police in hochstadt explain the dangers of riding a motorcycle

The weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer: it's finally time for motorcyclists to get their bikes out of the garage and go for their first ride. Such a ride does not always end well: in central franconia, one in four accident fatalities is a motorcyclist, reports chief inspector christiane lederer. Such mishaps should be prevented. The bavaria-wide campaign "bayern mobil – safely to your destination is the framework. The campaign is supported by the savings bank.

The most frequent cause of accidents is inappropriate speed. It's not always the young motorcyclists who cause accidents: "the proportion of beginners, returning riders and professionals is balanced", says lederer

Inform and win

that's why the police will be on friday, 20. July, from nine to 3 p.M. At an information stand on the market square to provide information on this and other traffic topics. In case of bad weather the action takes place in the foyer of the savings bank. The whole thing is combined with a lottery.

In addition to bavaria-wide prizes such as a car and savings accounts from the savings bank, participants from hochstadt also have the chance to win a bicycle.

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