Rugendorf theater presents “television stars at the limit

rugendorf theater presents

"This does not exist everywhere", the losauer commented on the latest play by the rugendorf theater group entitled "M.S. Aphrodite – television stars at the limit", which celebrated an acclaimed premiere at the haus der jugend on saturday.

The focus is on the filming of the TV series "love floats away", to the last episode that success director francois de bedell (franz schnaubelt) and his desperate assistant ivo kulitschka (daniel schmidt) have to deal with. The fact that the audience gets to see live how such a day of shooting really goes gives the play a lot of zest.

The bullying mimosa
The show star menno mennerich (matthias keller), who otherwise appears charming on television, is in reality a bullying mimosa, the folk music stars are rarely in control of their good moods, and the star of the schlager sky, angelika bunt (silke mertel), feels permanently misunderstood with their song lyrics.

The worst of all traps is therefore not long in coming: the main actor falls "due to stress from. And that, although there were only five minutes left to shoot with him. But then the cunning assistant director ivo has the solution: with a vacation guest, who has a striking resemblance to the star, a substitute show star is created without further ado. There are confusions and embarrassments without end, and the audience can"t stop laughing. Especially precious: the "warm up of the assistant director with the visitors. Ivo asks the audience to reach for the sky with their hands "to the stars of burgermeister weib".

Including accent
The roles are ideally cast this time as well. Starting with matthias keller, who puts his stamp on the stucco with his talent, and ending with TV reporter anne-rose hohner. The busy assistant director ivo kulitschka is virtually conjured up on stage by daniel schmidt in a not easy czech accent.
A good choice is also the folk music duo "michaela und manuel" hit. With andrea schuberth and manuel rodel the cast could not have been more different. With elena kraub, sabrina nutzel and sandra walter there are also three newcomers in the ensemble, who master their roles – despite sometimes considerable text passage – very well.

Further with it manfred gredlein as ship pilot and dancer, ramona loffler, who adores the schlagerstar and as dancers pascal kromholz, alexander schmidt and martin hohner. Heike krombholz is the prompter, simon weisath and nils keller are responsible for the technology.

The theater play in rugendorf stands and falls with one person – matthias keller. He has been at the helm since 1998; after a long break, theater performances in rugendorf only began again in 2007. "We"ve often been asked when we"re going to do theater again. You can see it in the full house. We have never had this at the premiere, and the second performance is almost sold out", keller explained after the premiere. It"s not a difficult task for him to keep his amateur actors together: "in the meantime, there's so much euphoria coming from the audience that we have a rough ensemble. And that is positive. They are all rugendorfer."
the dual role of director and performer was sometimes gladly relinquished. "Maybe it will be the same in the next year. But so far it has worked quite well", emphasized keller, who sees a theater piece with 18 people very well as a challenge.

A challenge that the amateur actors from rugendorf mastered in the best possible way, as the rapturous applause at the end showed. And the praise from mayor martin weib: "our rugendorf actors are always good, there are some natural talents among them. That's why I expected a lot. But this performance has surpassed everything."

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