“Uuh-la-la”: the summer hit of 2019 is a song of shame

The languorous latin pop earworm "senorita" by shawn mendes and camila cabello has been crowned germany’s summer hit of the year. This was announced by the market research company gfk entertainment in baden-baden on tuesday. The song was already three weeks on the first place of the official german charts.

In the duet, cabello (22), born in cuba, sings erotic lines with her canadian partner, who is about one year younger: "i love it when you call me senorita. I wish i could pretend i didn’t need you. But every emotion is uuh-la-la…"

Translated from english it also means for example: "you say that we are just friends". But friends don’t know how one tastes."Or: "ooh, when your lips undress me, searching for your tongue. Your kiss is deadly, don’t stop."

In the video of the song by director dave meyers, mendes and cabello are provocatively staged. The sexualized clip featuring a rather submissive cabello and a macho mendes fueled the rumors about a possible love affair between the two stars. According to the media they also made out in real life during the last weeks. Some media speculated that it was all just a PR stunt.

According to gfk entertainment, "senorita" has been listened to nearly 40 million times so far on music streaming platforms in germany alone. The youtube clip has ten times as many hits worldwide. Besides germany, the song has also reached number one in the official charts of austria, switzerland, italy, portugal and the netherlands, for example. It was also successful in belgium (rank two), spain (rank three) and france (rank four).

While in the early and mid-2010s, electro-heavy tracks such as avicii’s "wake me up" or the robin schulz remix of "prayer in c" were in demand as summer hits, today latin titles are increasingly back in the mix, according to gfk entertainment – for example the 2017 winner "despacito" or this year’s contenders such as "con calma" by daddy yankee feat. Snow, "calma" by pedro capo and "loco contigo" by DJ snake& J balvin feat. Tyga with.

Last year, the italian partisan song "bella ciao" by el profesor, remixed by the french dj hugel, became germany’s official summer hit.

Gfk entertainment sets a few criteria for a typical summer hit. It involves a catchy melody, simple lyrics and a good danceable rhythm. In addition, the summer hit should achieve a high position in the official german charts (it usually lands at number 1). Performers are also often artists who haven’t had much success on the charts before, but that’s not the case this year.

Besides, the hit should not come from a rough event like for example the fubball world championship. Special feature: the hit is played in the vacation regions and then comes over to germany.

2019 it is the 30. The first time that gfk entertainment, as the investigator of the official german charts, determines a summer hit.

By far the summer hit of all summer hits – which spent a whopping 17 weeks at number one – was the summer hit of 2017: the latin pop song "despacito" by luis fonsi feat. Daddy yankee. The title of the sexually charged reggaeton song means "already slow". The 2004 summer hit "dragostea din tei" by the band O-zone came in second in terms of number-one placement.

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