Exhibits in munnerstadt still have to wait

Exhibits in munnerstadt still have to wait

It was not an easy decision. "We were unanimous in the opinion that we had to stay", says martin kuchler, chairman of the association "future for the home playhouse". At first, those responsible were still thinking about whether and how to present the exhibition "here goes the post – 235 years of munnerstadt postal history" in the home playhouse to the 8. November can keep open. But when it became clear that the planned exhibition "history in pictures – historical views of munnerstadt" in the henneberg museum would not be opened, the decision was made: "it makes no sense, we close now", says martin kuchler. On sunday it was open for the last time.

For the time being, because: "we wait and see how this develops." there are several options. It could be that the corona numbers develop so well in two weeks that a reopening is possible in december, says the chairman of the association. "Then we open again for a week." because the exhibits remain in place, the home playhouse can not be used for other purposes at the moment, for example for private family celebrations.

If the rapidly declining corona numbers do not materialize, martin kuchler is looking ahead to the spring. Maybe it will work out. It is possible that in this case the exhibition had to be dismantled and later rebuilt. Everything is possible. "Hope dies last", he says. If not in spring, then perhaps a little later: martin kuchler simply wanted more people to see the results of all the work ortwin guhling and christine schikora had put into the conception and graphic design of the exhibition.

Of course it’s a pity that the exhibition had to close a week earlier, says ortwin guhling, but he doesn’t think it’s that tragic. "There are many millions of people who have been hit much harder by the corona crisis." he will be pleased, however, if the exhibition can be opened again next year. The premature closure is also regretted by christine schikora, who knows best how much effort ortwin guhling has put into the reappraisal of munnerstadt’s postal history. "But the health of exhibitors and visitors simply comes first", she says. She now hopes for better times.

The director of the henneberg museum, nicolas zenzen, also does this. He had his "historical views of munnerstadt" the first floor of the castle of the teutonic order is ready for auction on december 30. October had open. But it didn’t, because all the city’s facilities – with the exception of the city music school and the city library – were closed because of the tightened corona ordinances, including the henneberg museum. "I hope that it can be opened at the beginning of december", says the museum director. "We will have to wait and see. And if not? Nicolas zenzen remains calm. "In any case, it will still be seen." the boards with the old photos from the museum’s collection and from toni hiller as well as the explanations by nicolas zenzen are actually waiting for visitors. But at the moment no one knows when they can come.

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