Spectacles of nature

The winning photos of the international photo competition "glanzlichter" are still available to admire in the natural history museum in the fleischstrabe, but only for a short time. Next sunday, 8. July, at 17 o'clock, the popular annual show closes its doors.

As in previous years, visitors have been highly impressed by the atmospheric and powerful nature images, says museum director matthias mauser. In the meantime, there is a group of guests who look forward to the glanzlichter every year and devote a special visit to the natural history museum to them. According to mauser, a visitor survey revealed which of the 86 large-format photographs were particularly appealing.

"Mushroom fish" on place 1

The first place went to the picture "mushroom fish" of the nature photographer konrad funk. This rating shows once again that the visitors of the glanzlichter prefer the aesthetic, atmospheric and quiet moments of nature to the frantic shots of hunting predators.

The patroness of the competition, inge sielmann, chairman of the board of the heinz sielmann foundation, writes in the final sentence of her greeting, which precedes this year's exhibition catalog: "may the fantastic nature images of the glanzlichter continue to delight viewers for a long time to come and speak for the protection of nature". This goal was certainly achieved again this year, and we can already look forward to the 2013 glanzlichter, reports mauser.

After the shining lights have been taken down, the new special exhibition "biodiversity in entenhausen" will be shown in the same rooms on the upper floor of the building built up from the 21. July will be open to the public. Since the flat areas have to remain closed during the installation and the multivision cannot be shown at the moment due to water damage caused by a storm, all visitors are allowed to stay until the 21st of september. July visit the museum at the children's and young people's rate of one euro per person.

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