New doctor for burkardroth has been found

There was an important announcement right at the beginning of the market town council meeting: burkardroth has a new doctor. Dr. Katalin panczel introduced herself. Mayor waldemar bug (odp) was visibly relieved about the fact that medical care in the market town will soon be secured again. "Ms dr. Panczel contacted us in response to an advertisement in the doctor's newspaper", he declared. She found out about burkardroth and the surrounding area on the website and was immediately impressed.

Then she had sent a letter to the municipality. "It is very unusual that people in the ausmab take their fate into their own hands", she made clear. They had tried everything to influence their situation positively. "I can very well imagine that in such a community, where the cohesion is so pronounced, where the common will could rub walls, living and working is a dream.", wrote katalin panczel. She wanted to use the opportunity to realize her own dreams in this setting.

Katalin panczel has been a family doctor for 20 years. Born in hungary and speaking very good german, she has been practicing in saxony-anhalt for about two and a half years, but has now decided to move to lower franconia. In hungary, besides her work as a general practitioner, she also studied bioresonance and naturopathic therapy. In the market burkardroth she wants to work beside her family doctor activity also still as a bath doctor. "I was able to read a lot about burkardroth in advance and make sure that the people here are very nice," explained the doctor, said the doctor. The "rhonian charm" campaign, in which the business world of the market participated, had made a rough impression on them.

Katalin panczel will take over the practice and the house of dr. Bernd ruhl buy in premich. The formal inauguration will take place on 28 june. June be, on 1. July then the normal practice enterprise is to start. "I need many patients", the physician explained. "I believe that there should not be any problems with the number of patients", mayor bug, who was visibly pleased to have a general practitioner back in the market town, said.

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