The elodea makes life difficult for the anglers

The elodea makes life difficult for the anglers

At the annual meeting of the anglers' club in the ziegelanger district of zeil, chairman isolde ott was quite satisfied. Events and visits to festivals at friendly clubs went well. In general, the club has now reached such a high membership level "that the possible number of active anglers is now reached. With the exception of young people, no more active members can be added."

For self-sufficiency
The club plans to install a photovoltaic system on the clubhouse for self-sufficiency. This is to supply the refrigerator and the lighting in the clubhouse, as the attendees learned. Furthermore, the purchase of a new boat is planned, in order to be able to carry out the maintenance work in the club water more easily.

Second chairman dieter welz announced fixed dates, youth leader andre ott was pleased about two newly admitted youths. There will be another camp in the summer if there are interested parties. Satisfied is also cashier klaus heilmann about good income; however, due to unforeseen expenses could not be saved a grosser rucklage.

Insurances cost a lot of money, but are necessary
In the meantime, the various insurances have become a heavy burden. But there are hardly any opportunities to save here. Positive: lower fuel costs. The planned photovoltaic system will save gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas. The new boat helped to reduce working hours. Christoph schick and norbert zehner confirmed that the work had been done correctly, and the actions of the board were approved unanimously.

Water keeper udo ott reported about stocking reductions. According to him, it is not always easy to get the stocking fish you want, so compromises have to be made: "we are small customers with our water coarse and often have to wait in line for the allocation of fish, he said.

This plant is annoying
Rough problems were caused by the canadian waterweed, a very strong and fast spreading water plant. The storm was so strong at times that it was no longer possible to go fishing. It took several work efforts to make fishing possible again for a while. This problem, announced the water keeper, the club must necessarily keep in mind and in case of recurrence as early as possible in the year regulating intervene.

Udo ott was very satisfied with the water quality, even in hot weather the values were always in order. Therefore there were only a few dead fishes. He asked all members to immediately remove dead fish from the water, dispose of them properly and enter them in the list in the geratehutte. He concluded by pointing out that all the fish caught must also be entered in the fishing list. This is the only way to plan a sensible lineup.

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