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Already in march, the hebdorf community council decided to convert the entire street lighting to the energy-efficient LED technology. Since the rough maintenance of the streetlights is due this year, the conversion was a natural choice. The costs amount to 1 146 000. Bayernwerk offered the municipality an energy-saving contracting agreement in order not to burden the municipal budget. The municipality of hebdorf will pay the investment costs back to bayernwerk in 73 monthly installments.

From the point of view of the administration, the m-measure is economical and, through the considerable CO2 savings and improved insect-friendliness, takes into account the current climate policy goals of the federal and state governments, which of course also apply to the municipalities. In the discussion at the time, the question was raised as to whether external financing of the investment costs would not be the more favorable solution, also in view of rising electricity costs. Therefore, the decision was postponed and an alternative financing was proposed.

Mayor horst rehder (BB) and head of administration martin hofmann explained to the committee that 73 monthly installments for just over 2,000 euros were fixed in the contract.

Calculate and discuss

The savings amount to around 3900 euros. The calculated monthly savings in electricity costs, assuming a gross electricity price of 22 ct/kwh, are 2,442 euros gross and thus around 29,300 euros per year. In addition, the reduction in value-added tax due to corona will bring a further cost advantage of around 4400 euros.

In the meeting, calculations and discussions were repeated and in the end, the committee followed the proposed resolution: the community council takes note of and approves the contract offer from bayernwerk netz gmbh for the conversion of the street lighting system to energy-saving LED technology.

The expected investment costs of just under 174,000 euros will be financed from outside sources.

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