Many seniors had a special experience on the holy hill

When hausen’s seniors’ representative gerda wagner calls, many seniors show up, because the program offered is varied and interesting. In october, for example, the seniors’ representative organized an excursion to the holy mountain in heroldsbach, and 75 seniors from hausen and wimmelbach took part in it. "Many were curious about the apparition story of the seer children and the holy mother of god", paid gerda wagner.

The seniors were buried by father ludwig muller, the director of the heroldsbach prayer shrine. In the church he gave an overview of the history and the events of that time. In october 1949, four girls said that the mother of god had appeared to them. This is the place where the prayer shrine was built.

Afterwards, the seniors prayed some prayers of fury and sang songs. "Father ludwig showed us the place where the mother of god stepped on earth with her fub and where she is said to have appeared in the forest. He showed us where the seer children had recognized the sign ‘JSH’. That was a special experience for many people", said gerda wagner.

In the rough glass building the group then worshipped the mother of god. "I was very impressed by the flower arrangements there," said, said the seniors’ representative. Afterwards, there was coffee and cake for the seniors in the pilgrims’ home and a film about the history of the origin of the shrine. "The fact that the church did not recognize the apparition at that time and excommunicated its believers who went to the mountain, I find very terrible. Today the apparition hill is recognized by the church and many masses are held", reported gerda wagner. It was an educational trip for you and the seniors.

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