Currently no reason for driver’s license exchange

Media reports in recent days that old driver’s licenses had to be exchanged have led to increased inquiries about this issue at the district office. As sandra weiss, the responsible head of the department, explains in a press release, the introduction of a gradual compulsory exchange is still in the legislative process.

According to a recent decision by the federal council, those born between 1953 and 1958 will first have to renew their driver’s licenses up to the age of 19.1.2022 exchange. The further exchange is staggered according to the year of birth or the year of birth. After the date of issue of the driver’s license and should be completed by 2033.

Driver’s licenses issued before 2013 and therefore not yet limited in time are affected. However, they currently retain their validity and there is no reason to exchange them for a temporary check-card driver’s license.

Whether and when the bundesrat decision will be implemented by the federal government is not foreseeable at the moment. An exchange because of expiry of the validity of the driver’s license is therefore currently not necessary.

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