Life expectancy in germany rises again

Life expectancy in germany rises again

Newborn boys live to be 77 years and 9 months old on average, according to the federal statistical office. Newborn girls can expect to live for 82 years and 9 months.

The statisticians refer to the so-called period window tables. They are based on data on the number of people who have died and the average population in each of the last three years. For the statistics published in wiesbaden on tuesday, the federal office compared the mortality tables of 2008/2010 with those of 2009/2011.

This also shows that statistically, every second man in germany will live to be at least 80 years old and every second woman will live to be 85 years old. Birthday experienced. The remaining life expectancy has also increased for older people: 65-year-old men have an average of another 17 years and 6 months to live. Women can expect to live another 20 years and 8 months at retirement age. Compared to the previous mortality table, older women will statistically be two months and men one month older.

"If the development of life expectancy continues in the future in the same way as in the past, it can be expected that life expectancy for both genders will continue to increase considerably," destatis employee dieter emmerling said on tuesday.

Over the next 50 years, average life expectancy in industrialized nations will increase by another seven years, estimates the organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD). Since 1960, life expectancy has increased by a decade, according to the OECD. The number of german centenarians today is about five times higher than 30 years ago.

The federal republic is already the "old people’s home of europe. In the 2011 yearbook of the european statistical office, germany heads two tables at once: as the country with the lowest proportion of young people and the highest proportion of pensioners of all 27 states.

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