Diebach: armin kachelmann succeeds as chairman of the board of directors

Diebach: armin kachelmann succeeds as chairman of the board of directors

After ten years as chairman of the association ring, fritz gensler can now hand over his post to younger hands. Armin kachelmann was unanimously elected as the new chairman of the association ring and oswald desch as deputy chairman. The two new members are supported by the long-standing secretary steffen scharpf and the experienced treasurer mario kensy. The vereinsring adopted an updated set of bylaws.

At the beginning of the meeting, the outgoing chairman of the association council, fritz gensler, gave a brief overview of the work of the association council over the past ten years.

During this period, the association made grants to local associations such as the kindergarten, the purchase of the christmas crib, which is set up every year on diebacher strabe. The main sources of income for the vereinsring were and still are the advent market. In the beginning a profit could be made with the scrap metal container. A separate electricity connection was installed for the churchyard, which replaced the existing cable laying for the advent market. Then the association participated financially in the construction of a parking lot below the parish hall.

Focus on the festival hall

The festival hall was already then a main focus of the work activities. Additional fiberboards were installed in the ceiling to improve the acoustics. Gensler was always there when it came to the technical side of things. The fire protection requirements have become a major effort. In addition to work carried out by the association itself, specialist companies also had to be called in, which placed a heavy financial burden on the association. This led, in close cooperation with the city, to a unified concept of subsidizing the halls in the local areas and granting interest-free loans.

The fact that it was possible to find a successor in the phase of the reconstruction of the vereinsringhalle is a tribute to all involved.

Gensler had already divided the tasks at the advent market among several heads, but for a long time no one wanted to take on the responsibility for fulfilling the fire safety requirements in the vereinsringhalle. Now a solid tandem has been found in armin kachelmann and oswald desch. "Fritz, you were at almost all meetings of the respective associations and festivals and had an open ear for everyone. I hope you will stay with us in many activities as well as in your commitment to the village renewal" local representative elisabeth assmann thanked gensler. As a thank you from the diebacher associations, she presented gensler with a carved coat of arms of diebach.

Before the new election the complete board resigned. Wolfgang ziegler, the second chairman for many years, did not stand for re-election.

Gensler had done some preliminary work and had already been searching for a suitable successor for two years. In the run-up to the succession, several meetings were necessary, also with the city of hammelburg, in order to carry out an inventory and clarification of the structural situation of the vereinsringhalle and the financial situation of the removal of the trees. In this context, the ten-year-old statutes of the association were updated under the direction of armin kachelmann.

Gensler handed over a present to steffen scharpf in his function as chairman of the association ring, as he has been active as a secretary of the association ring since at least 1999. The new chairman of the vereinsring, armin kachelmann, sees his task in coordinating, motivating and delegating the actions of the vereinsring. For the next few years, he expects support from gensler for the association hall, which he gladly assured him of. With the new deputy chairman of the association ring, oswald desch, who has long been familiar with the subject of fire protection at the association ring hall, kachelmann also has competent professional support. All the representatives of the associations present and the board of directors agreed that there was still a lot of work and financial challenges ahead of them in connection with the association ring hall, but that this was absolutely necessary in order to be able to organize major festivities and anniversaries of the associations. 

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