Four times as many women with eating disorders as men

Four times as many women with eating disorders as men

5.9 percent of women in germany are affected by pathological eating behavior such as bulimia, binge eating or anorexia. Among men, this applies to only 1.5 percent, with an upward trend. These figures were collected by the "integrated research and treatment center (IFB) for obesity-related diseases" in leipzig, germany. 2520 people from 14 to 95 years had participated in the analysis.

The disease is also 11 times more common in obese women than in those of normal weight, and 20 times more common in obese men. Overweight and obesity developed in connection with disturbances in eating behavior, concluded the head of the study, anja hilbert. Obesity is not just a problem of overeating and lack of exercise; eating disorders are coupled with "increased psychological suffering," the behavioral medicine specialist continues.

The study had also examined different age groups. Disruptions in eating behavior occurred in all of them. The frequency decreases with the age of the kittens. Women up to the age of 24 are particularly susceptible. Year of life.

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