Fun and games at the crime camp

"Once again a picture has disappeared? This can not be!" finally, the 68 detectives at the hammelburg camp had set themselves the task of discovering the art exhibition "artefaktum" to be guarded like your own eyeball.

And yet: at this year’s "krimi" camp, this year, the children from hammelburg and its suburbs went to the campsite in heigenbrucken, where one picture after the other disappeared, so that from the first day on, an exciting game of riddles and detective began for all participants. "A bit like the board game cluedo, where you can outwit the culprit by combining different pieces of evidence", explains christoph fella the principle, who has been organizing and accompanying the camp for years with his older brother and 15 other volunteers.

It quickly became clear that it would be useless to simply investigate out of the blue, and so the young detectives first practiced reading traces, taking fingerprints, deciphering codes and much more. And the effort was worth it: little by little they got closer and closer to solving the case. After vicar berger had given his blessing to the whole thing during a flying visit to the forest campsite, it was clear that it could only be a matter of time before the children put a stop to the wire-puller of the art thieves.

During the eventful week, the physical well-being was not neglected, as the team of supervisors and cake-makers had to feed almost 100 hungry spur noses every day. But the organizers could rely on a highly motivated cooking team, which again consisted of camp veteran burkhard muller, johanna heurung, carola volpert as well as martina fenn and eva-maria conrad.

"It’s amazing how fast the ten days with the kids in nature have gone by again. But we are definitely already looking forward to the upcoming reunion in autumn!", that was the all-round satisfied conclusion of the two long-time supervisors julia and sophie schweinitzer. The date will be announced

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