Hope germinates again at vetter

Hope germinates again at vetter

This information comes from the chairman of the works council artur sperber. According to him, there are two new developments that make the vetter team in eltmann a little more confident about the future than they were four weeks ago. At the beginning of march, the staff of the natural stone plant had to learn out of the blue that the english parent company O'rourke was closing the eltmann plant as of 1 january 2009. June wants to stay.

Social plan

In the meantime, according to sperber, the social plan for the 62 cousins is in place. So it is guaranteed that "no one falls into a hole", if the worst should come to the worst, the closure of the plant, says sperber. "We negotiated very good conditions, and actually achieved everything we wanted, explains the chairman of the works council.

At the same time, there has apparently been a move at o'rourke. First it was said that the management in england was not interested in selling vetter, which o'rourke did not want to let stand: they would sell, but there was no interest in the plant in eltmann, it was said from england.

Helps the mayor?

In eltmann, such statements were viewed critically, since nothing was ever known about sales negotiations or contacts with potential buyers.
Now a sale of the vetter plant in eltmann, possibly also in parts (machine halls), is quite conceivable for o'rourke, says sperber. Politics is now also to be involved. On tuesday, the vetter works council meets with the mayor michael ziegler (CSU).

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