The word “leo” and its consequences

Suddenly it was there. No idea where it came from. It has probably crept on the fubballplatze. Just like that. And it won't go away – the little word "leo. Goalkeepers call it when they want to catch the ball unhindered in the penalty area. Defenders then instinctively duck away. You know: if I stop there, I will probably be knocked down by the rushing keeper.

Why leo is actually called leo? No idea. A popular knowledge base on the internet knows many meanings, but identifies it as a term for a protective area at interception games. Could pass. A smart person on the other hand makes a connection to vienna's stephansdom in a question-answer forum. Under the unfinished north tower is the eagle gate. On a pillar of the portal there is an iron ring that resembles a coil – the so-called asylum ring, also known as "leo" called. Because emperor leopold VI designated this place as a sanctuary, one is untouchable there. The goalkeeper calls leo because he is sure he has the ball under control and is therefore untouchable. Sounds logical, but much too complicated.

The fact is: leo causes problems. Especially referees, as lively discussions on the net show. Some referees don't know if leo is legal or not. Originally the term was introduced to prevent swapping attempts of opposing players. Calls like "let go" or "my ball are considered unsporty. Do not nasty fubballer so under circumstances an advantage, because the opponent remains away from the ball and they therefore have it easier to push a goal. Such attempts at substitution are to be punished by the referee with a yellow card and an indirect free kick for the opponent, says sebastian wieber, instructor of the bad kissingen referee group from ramsthal, quoting the rules on request.

All ambiguities cleared up? Not at all. Because the leo call can also be meant suspiciously and be misunderstood by the defender. And what happens when you have a "leo" has in the team to whom the ball is to be passed? Is this shout, which is supposed to attract the attention of the named, also penalized?? Or what if one of the team heibt nikolas. The referee could interpret this as an unauthorized "niko, lass" interpret. And may the name leo still be said after the introduction of the new data protection regulation? But let's stay objective.

According to sebastian wieber, in order to be punished, the intent to barter must be evident. No matter what is called. Otherwise the game will go on. Or as one internet user put it: "you can shout whatever you want as long as you don't irritate anyone. The risk is borne by the caller alone and is independent of whether the call is "leo" or not, "waldi" or "raspberry jelly is."

But maybe the subject of leo and exchange in the area of bad kissingen is not so crude. Winfried hehn and gerd hartung, two longtime referee cracks, rarely encountered in practice. Or simply did not hear it. Referee wieber remembers only one case where the striker clearly shouted something horbar to change the defender.

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