Guided tour of the city

Next friday, 2. February, the catholic church celebrates the feast of "mariae lichtmess", this also as "the representation of the gentleman" is called. The presentation of the newborn child of jesus in the temple 40 days after the birth is depicted on numerous spatgothic illustrations.
The local association has for many years conducted a free evening tour on candlemas to commemorate the need, as on friday. Afterwards, the guests can enjoy a glass of mulled wine in the heated ornamental room of the association, the steinweg 5. The meeting point for the tour is at 6 p.M. At the cobbler's fountain in the castle courtyard.

An ancient feast

Candlemas is one of the oldest ecclesiastical feasts and was already taken over from the eastern church in the seventh century and celebrated under the name of "mary's purification" introduced. The name "mary's purification" in turn goes back to the jewish custom that a woman was only pure again 40 days after giving birth.
In franconia, the name "lichtmess" (candlemas) has come into use because of the consecration of candles and the processions of lights on this day castled. The days are now visibly getting longer and earlier the farming year began with work in the parlors. The farmers' motto was: "at candlemas, eat at night during the day"!", because from the 2. February could still take the evening meal in the dark rooms in daylight. Finally, dinner was served at about 4 p.M. In this season. In the peasant cycle of the year, it was customary to change the rulership on the feast of mariae lichtmess. Many budget books and church accounts were not kept according to the annual calendar, but from candlemas to candlemas. Ga

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