This is how the weather will be on the holidays in france

This is how the weather will be on the holidays in france

One liter of rain per square meter fell on friday after all. Overall, the precipitation amounts in this december are on average level. This is reported by weather expert stefan ochs.

On saturday and sunday it is mostly overcast and almost rainless (maybe a little drizzle). Temperatures will be +6 degrees during the day and night. The wind, which is usually only weak but occasionally fresh in the gusts, blows from the west.

It looks good for the 1. Holiday off. It is cloudy with intermittent clearing up. There will be no precipitation. A maximum of +7 degrees is reached. In the evening, however, it cools down quickly under clear skies to the light frost range.

Also for the 2. Holiday it looks good. A weak cold front moves through from the west. It is cloudy and occasionally rains a little. Due to the strong southerly to westerly wind in boen, the layer of air near the ground is blown away. Therefore, the temperatures rise to near +10 degrees.

Uncertain after the holidays

On wednesday and thursday it will be cold and wet for the time being with rain, snow and sleet showers at temperatures around +3 degrees. From next friday there will be another warming up to near +10 degrees.

While the development up to and including tuesday is quite certain, from wednesday onwards uncertainties creep in as to the specific path of the lows. So the one weather models show on wednesday a low with center over northern germany, which brings us stormy gusts of wind. In another model, the low is right by us and there is only a light wind.

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