Herzogenaurach’s city center is bleeding to death

Flower-decorated windows in the center of herzogenaurach are rewarded. So again this year there are beautiful floral decorations to admire. It was that time again, the jury with the chairman of the local association, klaus-peter gabelein, the forder- und werbegemeinschaft with chairman thomas kotzer, the gartner peter gauch and second mayor renate schroff were able to judge a number of worth seeing objects at the herzogenaurach flower contest.

Klaus-peter gabelein, the chairman of the local association, had already made a preselection and led the jury to the most beautiful flower decoration. The competition was held for the first time in 2008, and the five winners received vouchers worth fifty euros each. However, gartnermeister gauch thought the round was a bit late, as the flowers were suffering from the current temperatures. "We should do the tour next year already in july", said, gauch suggested "because then the freshly planted flower boxes will be in full bloom."

Many brackets not used

"For the jury it was again a flowery and bloomy way, but also a little frustration inherent", said gabelein. He is annoyed by the fact that many of the windows on the top floor of the main street are fitted with flower boxes, but the owners or tenants seem to shy away from the effort of planting and maintaining flowers.

"Especially on the already prepared half-timbered houses, flowering plants were shown off to their best advantage", said renate gruffly.

That is why the jury regretted that more homeowners in herzogenaurach’s picturesque city center could not be persuaded to decorate their houses with flowers. While it is understandable that flowers at the windows or in front of the houses are associated with costs and time expenditure, it is a pity if picturesque houses in herzogenaurach’s "good parlor" are left so "naked" presented. In principle, it is always the same owners or tenants who spice up the cityscape and put their windows in the right light.

The organizers of the competition are therefore trying to give vouchers in turn to all those who spare no expense or effort to spare the cityscape. With an expert eye, the master gardener also recognized why some flower boxes look a bit sparse. The weather was not ideal for some of the plants in the flower boxes, but gauch was also able to identify a lack of care, fertilizer and water with an expert’s eye.

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