Electromobility: from oldtimers to the latest models

Electromobility: from oldtimers to the latest models

The kitzingen-based company charge IT mobility invited customers and interested parties to its innopark in kitzingen to experience the world of charging to inform. The event was called "meet&" charge". According to a company press release, visitors were given presentations and were able to tour the company’s loading dock and its development department. To leave the field of theory and get a feel for electric mobility, visitors were also able to test-drive electric cars.

Several current models from different manufacturers were available for this purpose, the company reports. In addition, a vintage car showed that electric motors already played a role in the early days of the automotive world: visitors saw one of the world’s first electric cars from 1903, which already had a range of 100 kilometers.

Charge IT mobility manufactures, according to its own information, charging systems for electric cars including the appropriate software. According to the company, these make it possible to safely and dynamically control and balance high charging volumes and power grid loads. A charging management portal also ensures that operators can monitor, control and evaluate all charging points, the company writes in the press release.

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