The end of the line is at the clearing plant

The people of baiersdorf were very active in voicing their concerns at the civic meeting. It emerged that the designation of building plots for future development is considered particularly important.
Mayor robert hummer talked about the construction of a new vehicle hall for the fire department. In addition, the fire department is expected to receive a portable fire engine in 2019.
The parking situation at the elementary school and at the catholic parish church in the early morning and at lunchtime was addressed. When the children are brought to and from school, traffic chaos reigns here. In addition, the residents felt that the municipality was responsible for the structural development of baiersdorf. Baptist fischer recalled that the last construction area was created in 1978, now 40 years ago. In other parts of town, new building areas were regularly designated, according to gerhard stark, but in baiersdorf nothing was happening. This would also be important for the future, so that young people stay here and baiersdorf does not become a "senior village" develop.
With regard to the new joint hiking map, simon seidel could not resist the remark that a great deal had been "copied" from an existing hiking map, of which there are still plenty of copies had been copied. It would have been helpful if, in this "new edition" the local hotel and restaurant industry had also been involved. In addition, there are facilities on the hiking map that do not yet exist (mainbrucke, keltenspielplatz auf dem kordigast).
Despite the new water tanks, alexander fischer said, the water pressure in the mainecker street was not sufficient everywhere. He also raised the issue of the odor generated by the biogas plant, which regularly covers the entire district, not just for a few hours, but sometimes for the entire day. He travels all over bavaria, said baptist fischer, and sees many biogas plants that are already enclosed; in baiersdorf, only a tarpaulin is laid over the material. Hubert pechtl expressed his wish for a walking and biking path between baiersdorf and weismain and for the reinstallation of a sandstone wayside shrine. The commitment of the "time-travel actors" was also, the efforts made to bring history to life received a final appreciative mention.

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