Airfield decision is a matter for the region

Such bad luck. One of the top people from munich comes to support the local heroes, and the top candidate has to cancel half an hour beforehand with a crackling voice and fever. But after all, when interior minister joachim herrmann visited the CSU in the black bar on thursday, it was not just about mayoral candidate birgit weber, but about the local elections in general on 16. Marz. The coburg CSU wants to expand its ten-member parliamentary group.

Herrmann was already there before the tur with a poster from the "lebenswertes beiersdorf" citizens’ initiative opposition to the planned new airfield between wiesenfeld and neida. Not that the three representatives helmut and daniel hannweber and martin strauss were nursing rough hopes. "But our opinion we represent. Beiersdorf certainly does not need the airport. It is not for the normal population" helmut hannweber says in a calm tone.

Even when asked twice in the hall, interior minister herrmann then pointed out that the decision as to whether and where to build was solely a matter for the region. "I promise to stand up for what the region defines for itself."

In his general remarks on the importance of good transportation routes, especially for a wide-area region like upper franconia, herrmann emphasized the commitment of the state government. Further investment is needed in the supra-regionally important expansion of the state highway 2205 from coburg to bad rodach; after all, 12 vehicles per day are expected by 2020.000 vehicles forecast. Four lawsuits have been filed against the planning decision to relocate the state highway after the kaeser traffic circle. "We will build as soon as this has been clarified."

highspeed for every "kaffle
in any case, in the 25 years since the fall of the wall, the pace of road construction has been different from that of rail expansion. But there are also signs that the new ICE train will finally be put into operation in three and a half years. "I will do everything in my power to ensure that coburg becomes an ICE station", herrmann shouted into the hall amid applause. But virtual transportation is also becoming increasingly important. "Every town in bavaria needs high-speed access, to put it bluntly. We will see to it."

IHK president friedrich herdan asked about electricity security when the grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant is shut down in 2015. Herrmann assured that the state government is "fully committed" to the thuringian electricity bridge." to be distinguished from this is the controversial pipeline through the east of upper franconia, which is presumed to transport mainly coal-fired power from saxony-anhalt.

Election campaign tones came from the local party representatives. "Coburg faces a fateful choice", said jurgen oehm, chairman of the coburg-nord local association. The people now have the choice of "adding six more years of tessmer to kastner’s 24 years of clientelpolitik", or whether there will be a new beginning with birgit weber. We have a financial crisis "and the lord mayor is getting out of the way", oehm commented on norbert kastner’s decision not to run again.

In other short statements, district council candidate rainer mattern and member of the bundestag hans michelbach spoke up. Member of the state parliament jurgen W. Heike. Had before the appointment to the minister of the interior "very quickly still the BGS barracks" where, at the suggestion of mayor candidate birgit weber, training rooms could be set up for the police.

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