Helios-frankenwaldklinik offers a look behind the scenes

The helios-frankenwaldklinik kronach invites on 17.Marz invites to open house.Anyone who has ever wanted to take a look behind the scenes at the of a modern hospital has a very good opportunity on this day.
Numerous medical departments open their doors and provide an insight into the work of the clinic. Visitors can look forward to an exciting program: in the foyer they have the opportunity to see a heart from "inside" to look at: in a rough model of the heart you can explore the functioning of the organ. Cardiology staff are available to explain the individual parts and functions to guests.
Intensive care medicine shows interested laymen an intensive care workstation and explains the various methods of patient care in this area. The fab surgery team is represented with an information booth and presents surgical techniques and materials. In addition, the fiber experts will demonstrate how ultrasound examinations can be used to detect changes in the fibers of the neck and abdominal arteries or the legs.

Trying to be an "abdominal surgeon"?

And anyone who has always wanted to be a "stomach surgeon" will receive on this day, anyone who wants to try out keyhole surgical methods will have the opportunity to try them out on a model. The endoscopic function area of the gastroenterology department provides a different insight, where visitors can undergo an "examination" using a model of the intestine. Demonstrations of ultrasound examinations of the abdomen also offer guests a new view of the human body.
Bones and joints have also been taken care of. Staff from orthopedics and neurosurgery show what modern prostheses are available for patients today, and they inform visitors how to continue to live well with a replacement knee or hoof joint.
These and numerous other offers await the visitors. Doctors, nurses and many other staff members will be available to answer questions from guests on this day. Lectures and information booths complement the program. And anyone who is interested in a career at the frankenwaldklinik or another helios clinic is also invited to attend this day. Employees of the human resources department and the helios career center advise interested visitors and offer an application portfolio check. And of course, the little guests are also thought of, because the team of gynecology and obstetrics invites the children to the marchen hour. In addition to the various information offers, there are lectures for interested visitors: red

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