Church fair niederlindach

The kerwa is kumma, the kerwa is do!", so it heibt from friday, 10. August, until monday, 13. August, at the sportheim, when the niederlindacher invite to their kerwa and offer from the tree fetching to the betznraustanzen everything, which constitutes a genuine french kerwa. Four days it will go round at the sport home.
Since the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the "unofficial part" begins already in the morning. From 9.30 o'clock waits in the sport home a solid schlachtschussel on the visitors and at 11 o'clock come also the blood and liver sausages on the table. Who is then not yet full, it will then certainly with the fresh ripple and roast from 12 clock. Since burgermeister horst rehder only at 19.30 o'clock with the tapping of the first barrel the kerwa opens, remains some hours time to digest the hearty meal and prepare for the evening. With the band "mallorca-party it could also be a somewhat longer night, after all, the bar is also well-stocked .
On saturday the local boys should be well rested, because the tree has to be fetched, which will be brought into the vertical position at 15 o'clock. In the evening, the "harmony band" will play provide entertainment. On sunday the local boys and girls start at 9 am with the "kuchli zamspieln" finally the already somewhat strained cash shall be filled up again somewhat. To the "verlangerten the hedge musicians are on stage for the early pint. Fubball will also be played, the team niederlindach/weisendorf 3 will play against the team hochstadt/gremsdorf and celebrate victory or defeat together after the final whistle.
The local boys prove their accuracy in the "geeger rausschlogn" competition at 6 p.M.45 o'clock, in the tent will be the "magic duo" for a musical sunday evening. But this is not yet the end of lindier kerwa. On monday it goes on in the sport home with the early pint and peter grunn will again serve the best from the kitchen. At 6 p.M. The boys will dance their girls to the "betzen raustanzen" pick up and with jurgen weber will end the kirchweih gemutlich. Niederlindach is located on the river lindach in the so-called seebachgrund. Niederlindach is mentioned for the first time in a document when bishop gunter von bamberg donated gutern to his cathedral capital in 1065.

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